Welcome to Escaia Atlas!

This map shows you all the details of Escaia. This tutorial will show you how to navigate through it. Bla bla bla and some more generic text about the map.

Space View

This is the most wide view of the altlas, where you can see a 3D view of the Solum planet, as well as its two moons, Ignis and Umbra. More bla bla bla about this view, and so on.

World View

In this view, you can see the main continents. some more text to write here. bal bla bla.

Let's focus on Boreas continent.

Continent View

In this view you can see the souvereign nations and main regions of the world. some more text to write here. bal bla bla.

Let's explore Esperea.

Country View

On this zoom level, you have access to more locations: country capitals, cities and major towns. Besides that, you have access to seas, oceans and lakes as well.

Detailed View

This is the last zoom level. Here, you have access to every location on the map. Keeping the text about this, and some more bla bla stuff.

Map Controls

Every location of this map has a story and a scenario associated with it. To have access to those, just click on the location name, and an information window will show up. To see the full picture, click on it.

To help you in the map controlling and navigation, there are some features in the upper right corner:

  • Reset: this button centralizes the map view;
  • Filters: this menu have a set of filters where you can hide/show different kind of markers, such as places names, country borders and so on.

That's It!

Now you know how to properly navigate through all the map!